The Happy Camper Campground Bylaws

PLEASE NOTE- ** Any overnight guests or children over the age of 18 (not residing at home) will be charged an extra fee of $10.00 per night per guest.  Parties and gatherings will be charged extra and HCC Management must be notified in advance  of any parties or gatherings.  We request that campers notify HCC management/staff of any additional overnight guests.**


  • No unlicensed vehicles, including golf carts, will be operated within The Happy Camper Campground (HCC) after dark (with the exception of authorized HCC staff).
  • No person under the age of 16 will be allowed to operate any motorized vehicle (with the exception of authorized HCC staff).
  • Golf carts must stay on designated roads and must not drive down pathways and stay within the boundaries of HCC property.
  • No operating ATV's within the campground.
  • No riding of bicycles after dark.  Please ride responsibly obeying all posted traffic signs.
  • A winter storage fee is required for any extra vehicles other than one trailer and one boat.
  • No substituting a vehicle for a boat and vice versa.


  • For  the safety of all our campers, staff and critters (both domestic and  wild), please do not exceed the posted speed limit.   
  • Speed limit is posted at park  gate.


  • Visitor parking allowed in designated areas only - boats must be parked in designated areas only.
  • Please keep roadways clear at all times.


  • Lights over 3 watts must be turned off when you are not at your site or when you are sleeping.
  • All lights, air conditioners and electric hot water heaters must be turned off when not at HCC (including timers).
  • If  air conditioners or hot water heaters are left on while away from HCC, you will be notified. Power may be turned off at your site if there is no response.  It is your responsibility to ensure items are off when you are absent.  Please remember to check before leaving your site.
  • Hook ups either than standard camping base units (i.e. trailer), must be checked in at the desk, and will be charged accordingly.  Campers failing to comply may be penalized and may  be asked to vacate.
  • No older model fridges allowed.  Older model fridges and other potentially non energy efficient electrical hookups pose a fire hazard and/or cause strain on power availability.  
  • No outside fridges or deep freezes allowed.
  • Please use discretion about what you have on in your trailer at any one time.  We have replaced all plug ins and the more they are tripped the weaker they become.  You will be financially responsible for any plug in replacements.  There will also be a $20.00 service charge for turning them back on.
  • Your  safety, the safety of others around you, and the best use of our resources is of the utmost importance to us.  Please comply and enjoy your stay!


  • Washrooms will be closed daily for cleaning.
  • No sunflower seeds or food or drink of any type is allowed in or around the washroom areas.
  • Please use bathroom facilities in a respectful manner.
  • Children shall not be left unattended and are not allowed to play in or around facilities.


  • 24/7 excessive noise bylaw is in effect.
  • Quiet hours are from 11:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.
  • Please consider and respect your neighbour while enjoying the campgrounds.


  • All pets must be leashed when off or outside your site.
  • Excessive barking will not be allowed or tolerated.
  • Pet excrement must be disposed of immediately (bag it/place in garbage receptacles).


  • NO construction allowed in the campgrounds.
  • Decks must be approved.  Only two 8FT X 10FT removal sections.
  • Only one garden shed allowed - 8FT X 8FT and must be plastic or metal clad.  No oversized garden sheds allowed.
  • Fences must be approved.
  • No wooden overhangers are allowed over the decks.  Prior existing overhangers are still allowed and will not be replaced.


  • Loraas bins for household garbage only and must be bagged.
  • Absolutely NOT allowed:  Fish guts, BBQ's, Metals, Wood, Cardboard or Patio Furniture.
  • If caught dumping non allowable items into garbage bins, your stay at the campgrounds will be terminated immediately.
  • Do not leave garbage beside the bins - please place all garbage inside of bins. 


  • A  damage deposit of $200.00 will be charged and will be returned if or when camper leaves HCC and the site is left neat and clean.
  • Seasonal fees must be paid by May 1.
  • Please notify the HCC if you are expecting to leave before the next season starts.
  • Management  reserves the right to request a seasonal camper to vacate their site and the campground within 10 days (camper has 10 days from  the date of the request to fully vacate).
  • No refunds will be given on the campground fees for their remainder of the season (for campers asked to vacate).
  • Quiet hours are from 11:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. (see Campground Bylaws - Noise for specifics).
  • Any  overnight guests or children over the age of 18 (not residing at home) will be charged an extra fee of $10.00 per night per guest.  Parties and  gatherings will be charged extra and HCC Management must be notified in advance of any parties or gatherings.  
  • We request that campers notify HCC management/staff of any additional overnight guests.
  • Additional families using your camp site on a regular basis will be charged.
  • Campers must have HCC Management approval prior to the start of any site improvements or grounds alterations.
  • Absolutely NO cutting of trees or cleaning out dead brush from trees.
  • No grass cuttings in trees, leave it natural, please!
  • No planting of trees unless approved by Alice before planting.  Specie and planting diagram required.  Fences included.
  • Low wattage lights are mandatory (see Campground Bylaws - Power for specifics).
  • Septic tanks will be rented by camper.
  • Septic tank pump outs are $25.00 per pump out.
  • No cloth tents, car storage tents or screen tents allowed.  
  • No swimming pools, paddling pools or fish ponds allowed.
  • No storage of loose building material, junk or lumber allowed.
  • Please keep your site and area clean and fences in good repair.


  • The Happy Camper Campground does not take responsibility for any injuries or death of camper(s) who are staying on HCC property.


  • No cutting or cleaning dead wood from campground trees.
  • No wood is allowed to be brought into the campground without prior authorization.
  • No cutting of firewood in campgrounds.  No winter storage of firewood.  Use your firewood up before the season is over.  Please do not order firewood in the  fall.
  • No pallets are to be used for firewood.
  • No elm wood allowed.
  • ​Campers are responsible for any fire damage, including the cost for fire department response.